Monday, December 17, 2012

The Ice Gnome

There's currently a musical Advent calendar project happening on the Fence Records forum, made up of contributions from forum users. Peanut Snake has contributed a waffer-thin tale, The Ice Gnome, with resident instrumentalist Larsen Hawkins taking the wheel. The whole thing was done quite quickly, the most immediately obvious result of which (aside from the mediocre Rentaghost music) being the decision to have the narration delivered entirely in a bad Antipodean accent which might have been hilarious when we were 13.

Anyway, it went up on Friday, but the Peanut Snake staff were all off to Glasgow to see Legowelt for our Christmas night out, and so it is that we draw it to your attention now. A cautionary tale about not touching gnomes. The other contributions are well worth a listen too, you need to sign up to the forum to see the calendar, er, unfold (hereabouts), but can also find the tracks on Soundcloud, have a butcher's!

The Ice Gnome – Larsen B. Hawkins by paulmcguinness

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