Monday, November 26, 2012



Well, incredibly, another year has apparently passed and it's already time for the third installment of Kid Canaveral's Christmas Baubles (narwhal-themed poster stuck together by the Peanut Snake elves above), another festive all-dayer featuring a rich, fruity musical mixture topped with comedy marzipan and DJ icing..

FRUITCAKE = Malcolm Middleton, King Creosote vs. FOUND, Meursault, Randolph's Leap, RM Hubbert, OnTheFly (rare live set!);

MARZIPAN = Josie Long, Elaine Malcolmson, Eleanor Morton;

ICING = Papi Falso family DJs, DJ The Pictish Trail.

Oh, and what's that gleaming coin-shaped chunk of metal you've just shattered a tooth on? Why, it could only be festive heroes Kid Canaveral themselves, feverishly unwrapping songs from their staggeringly good soon-to-be-released second album!  

There might still be a few tickets here if you move fast, so get along, it's sure to be a CHRISTMAS CRACKER! Of a gig.

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