Monday, December 31, 2012

Wobbly Dog

I've just done a poster for The Pictish Trail's upcoming tour with Eagleowl. Johnny Pictish has been hugely supportive of my vague efforts to draw more pictures this year, and gave me free reign with this design, a tragic lapse in judgement which has led to this heartbreaking image of a wobbly dog, lost, with inconclusive packed lunch, in Volcano Bacon National Park. Let's hope he gets out of there okay, and that this doesn't mark the end of my association with Fence. Anyway, a pleasure to draw something totally free range, so thank you Johnny! Go and check out the tour, it is going everywhere, it's a big bus and you cannot miss it.

Michael Rocket by The Pictish Trail

Eagleowl - Eagleowl vs Woodpigeon (Live in Pittenweem) by RadioMagnetic

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