Thursday, March 24, 2011

Return of the Africa Jet Band

Monkeys by Kathryn Renowden

Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt) releases a lot of music, but I was particularly excited to see that a new Africa Jet Band EP and album (released under the Nacho Patrol moniker) are set to drop.

From the previews I've heard online, it sounds like one of the funkiest, most organic things he's released, and a more than ample follow up to last year's impressive eponymous EP.

But what actually has me most buzzed is the incredible artwork, by Kathryn Renowden. The centre labels to the last Africa Jet Band 12" were a thing of beauty, but the artwork for the new 12" is even better! Renowden's watercolours seem a perfect fit for Nacho Patrol's raw, fiery musical flavours.

Check out the dribble-worthy Godspill-exclusive orange-vinyl edition here.. and see more of Kathryn Renowden's artwork at her blog, here.

A whole world of goodness is waiting to be explored at Legowelt's homepage here.

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