Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UK Top 5 Goodiepal Countdown

Everyone loves the Goodiepal, but with so much material out there it can be hard to keep track of what is what. So, here to help you is a Top 5 rundown of my current favourite Goodiepal videos on YouTube, as of today.

5. Goodiepal feat. Dane TS Hawk PÅ SAXO - Nobel Saxofon Krystal Diamant'en (MAVEE OBJECT)

This tune never fails to move me. Goodie gives funk a good name, whilst also unerringly pre-empting the sax-pop revival.

4. Goodiepal - Ryst Jeres KLON KOMPUTER (MAVEE)

Despite not understanding Danish, this track, a response (remix???) to Syg Nok's KOMMUNAL KLON KOMPUTER HACK has really grown on me recently, with its trademark Goodiepal hooks and delightfully cheesy preset-type sounds never failing to cut like hot sunlight through the dirt of the day. Don't be surprised to see it moving up the chart in the weeks to come!

3. Goodiepal - deborahcurtis

There are lots of bad recordings of Goodiepal performances on YouTube (I've omitted the "classic Malmö" video due to its already significant cultural notoriety), but this is my current favourite. We get a fake French rap, plus an epic monster howl . Great stuff!


Some things just never get old. It might seem odd to have a track from Narc Beacon at number 2, but with the album currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary, it's good to be reminded of this early smash hit folk-trancer. And, yes, I could just as easily have chosen Summer Of The Cat or another killer epic number from the Mort Aux Vaches album, but.. )

1. Goodiepal - Under Byen In the Flip Flop Mix (MAVEE)

Even for someone like me, who would pay just to click on a video of Goodiepal farting into an SK1, let alone into an Eventide H8000, seeing this video for the first time came as a shock. Goodie raises the bar to dangerous bar-level heights, presenting a video edited together from various performances that took place over a week-long residency in a Thai restaurant in Copenhagen. The resulting tune somehow ends up far outstripping the promise of the original Under Byen In The Flip Flop Mix; with the Goodiepal, early 90's Italo House never sounded so good! Add to that some hilarious sock edits and we have a stone cold classic.

Probably best viewed on YouTube this one - nuff said.


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  1. Thanks a lot for this - there are three tracks here I'd somehow missed on youtube. Did you hear his dedication to Momus? Very nice too!