Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Time Does Not Exist"

Here are pages 2 to 5 of the Peanut Snake Summer Catalogue zine from last autumn, a little piece about Goodiepal.

If I were to write this now, it would be pretty different, as I've said some quite inaccurate things. But I'll take comfort in the words of Charles Fort, who supposedly once said, "I believe nothing of my own that I have ever written."


Anyway, Mr. Goodiepal has just announced the release of three new LP's, which are add-ons to the Route 66 Experimentet album that came with a free 500 Danish Kroner note, thus making it possible to make a profit from buying the record.

These new records have amazing artwork by Ulrik Borberg, and possibly feature favourites such as Ryst Jeres Klon Komputer, as well as Anders Jørgen Mogensen's "legendary hit Dream Horse".

Goodiepal has also recorded over an hour and a half of FAQ audio-responses, downloadable here, apparently designed to be played back along with these records. Full instructions here.

However, perhaps the most interesting aspect of these releases is a continuation of the "free bank note" idea. The three new LP's cost approximately €2.60, €11 and €100 each. The first (€2.60) supposedly comes with the Goodiepal's bank card details, allowing the purchaser to draw renumeration from his funds. The second (€11) comes with a 1000 Roma bill, exchangable once the Romani people establish a homeland. The third (€100) comes with a signed blank cheque, drawable on Goodiepal's English bank account. This creates an interesting scenario, wherein any purchaser can feasibly buy the record and then get their money back (all proceeds from sales will go into the account), but only so long as another purchaser has not been greedy and gone for the whole lot!

Buy here.

More info here.

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