Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Terror Discotheque

Here's a poster I just did for Terror Discotheque, a Hallowe'en-themed event being put on at Bournemouth's ibar by the Supermixkids, the nice folk behind the TearsB4Bedtime and Disco As A Weapon nights, and local Italo-disco evangelists.

A real Vulcan Princess, yesterday.

Now, I was recently reminded of just how amazing the track Vulcan Princess (the Sensurreal New Funk Mix) by Gerd is, thanks to a scarily on-point random itunes selection on a hungover morning (the last Sunday of Haarfest in fact) when I was particularly in need of a sonic cuddle. So.. it didn't take me too long to start thinking about drawing a zombie Vulcan princess for this!

Quite pleased with the results, although my posters always look a bit clumsy to me. Bit too busy. Ah well. It's a busy time of year. Speaking of busy..

Stan knows what's going on.

Peanut Snake's own resident tune-slinger, DJ Trilobite, will also be spinning some ominous slabs at this exciting event, joining a killer line-up featuring Chris Moss Acid, Yaaard and the Supermixkids themselves.. so slap some white make-up and blood blobs on your face and get on down to this great evening of spooky disco, electronic blobnod, and maniacal acid!

Gerd's Vulcan Princess isn't online to listen to, but it's not scary anyway. So here's a blood-curdler from Gatekeeper to better get you in the mood:

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