Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pine Cone Hiccups

Just to mention that the Pine Cone Kick audio book will soon be available - sometime in the next month or so, hopefully!

There have been some hiccups. During the debut reading, it emerged that not only had I not coloured in the yorkshire puddings in one picture, but also that there were six words missing from the narration.

Now, this might not sound like a lot, but take note, for when tragedy strikes, it often takes careful aim; for the missing words result in a major bone-based continuity error - and tragedy's foot is last seen planted firmly in the more tender regions of your unsuspecting narrator's plot.

What we suddenly have, in complex technical language, is a "ghost-bone" - and even the most elementary creative writing courses will advise you against the sudden introduction of a ghost-bone in all but the most whimsical and unrewarding of horror stories.

Anyone that records audio will also be able to tell you that something recorded in Hankinson Road with Alan's microphone, while tired and slightly intoxicated, will probably sound quite different when recorded in the Triangle with your own microphone, whilst sober and unemployed and distracted by pigeons.

But.. these challenges will be overcome (possibly via the application of some inappropriate sound effects) and I'll hope to be able to present the finished object very soon!


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