Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hot Lizard

Launching his new TV series this week, David Attenborough was quoted as saying, "I suspect in the future you won't need nature jockeys like me... there are lots of dedicated people out there who want to do nothing more than film the mating of the dragonfly in the pond 100 yards from their house, and they'll put it on the web."

This comment immediately put me in mind of Martin Roberts, aka PowderedCows. The only difference being that Martin's passions extend beyond frequently posted pictures and videos of insects and bats to also include unsettling videos of paranormal investigations, sensitively-drawn visual records of gigs, and, of course, a seemingly limitless supply of woozy left-field indie pop uploaded to his Bandcamp page.

Martin's latest musical opus, Solitary Reptile, is launched this Monday with a gig at Boscombe's Cellar Bar. The album is a hazy, sunny affair, like a smudged-out Grizzly Bear sampled through an SK-1, with a scratched exotica LP stuck in a loop in the background. Although that might just be the track I have playing as I write this..

I contributed some backing vocals to the album's closing track, Reptile Take-Over, along with several other of Martin's musician friends. I can't quite tell which bits are mine, or if I'm even audible at all, but the whole thing sounds lovely! You can stream the whole album here, and limited physical copies will be available at the launch gig. Check it out!

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