Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hardsparrow - Reverse Charge

One-man-maniac and vibrational video genius Rich Sanz has kindly made a video for "Reverse Charge", a reeeeversion of the recent Hardsparrow stage-punch hit smash chartguffer House Phone.

I asked him to make it like being lost inside a bush, in Jamaica. Instead, he seems to have gone straight for the sausage, with a video that features more schlange-slapping than a pack of Wall's best bangers dropped in a nest of greasy rattlers. All sausage, no mash.

If this isn't guffing up the charts something awful this time next week then I give up, all of it! Honest!

Check it out below. More optical goodness, natürlich, at Mr. Sanz's Vimeo account, here. Thank you, Mr. Sanz, thank you.

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