Thursday, April 7, 2011

Celebrate The Mooz!

Lovely artwork by Tim Smart.

My friend Martin, aka PowderedCows, has put together an amazing album, entitled Moozikk, that will be available to download from this Saturday, April 9th, from here, with limited CD copies available from the launch gig at Champions in Bournemouth (and possibly directly from the man himself?).

All proceeds are going to help The Tree Foundation and their work to help the critically endangered three-toed sloth.

Musicians were invited to contribute basic tracks (a vocal plus one instrument) which were then put through the Powdered Cow's magical mystical blender.
I've contributed the Hardsparrow song Ghost Castle, a much better re-recorded version of a tune from my Half-Bakes album. He has made it sound well spooky.

Martin has also managed to field contributions from Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy and Admiral Radley fame), Jorge Tapia (of Illinois' Eyes and Humanos), and the incredible Chica X!!! (See her on Chic-A-Go-Go here!)

There's also a ton of stuff by loads of great Dorset musicians, including Expedition Guide (Lee Jones of Dutch Husband/Head of a Cuban Trojan), and the ladies' fave, Michael Wookey.

Please check out and join the Facebook group here.
And check out the Tree Foundation's homepage here.

Here's Expedition Guide's tune, click the link to hear more on the PowderedCows Soundcloud.

Pioneer pioneer - lee jones and powderedcows by PowderedCows

Here's the full track listing..

1 powderedcows - to paint a padlock
2 hardsparrow - ghost castle
3 the blackwater caravan - nothing left to break
4 yufei chowder - surface run off
5 thomas wykes - song for three toed sloths
6 language timothy - height of the sunflower
7 tim smart - holiday
8 michael wookey - empty ward
9 dan rumsey - watch you suffer
10 si crockett - i can't give up
11 jorge tapia - late
12 chica x - chica x
13 casini division - andromeda
14 sugar ray buzzard III - clean up your own mess
15 sval bards - brutaliser
16 luap rekcut - the world
17 jason lytle - credits will roll
18 disco's out (murder's in) - Kids
19 lee jones - pioneer pioneer
20 mischa - on my own
21 max longman - don't make me lie to myself
22 chuter - hopeless

Go and buy it!

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