Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DJ Trilobite: Drop It Like It's Evil

Trilobite mix put together for last Friday's Terror Discotheque at ibar. This is an edited version of an hour-plus set, reduced and concentrated for least fun and maximum evil.

Contains sounds of bloody violence and mild psychological terror.

Best listened to on headphones, alone, in the dark. Because it was mixed on headphones. In the dark. In my tights.

Alec Empire - We All Die! (Intro)
English Bore - Charlie Don't Shave
Itavayla - Black Diamond Express
Neuro Project - Shawnee
Kookie - A Memorable Fancy
Locust - Xenophobe [Ichi the Killer]
Abraxas - Hannibal Kantori : Swine Asphixiator
Larsen Hawkins - Bodies In The Mist [Ring 0]
Mika Vainio - It's A Muthang [Ring 0]
Orgue Electronique - Between Don & Volga [The Omen]
DJ Trilobite - Devil Dog [The Omen]

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