Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Hurdle Hop

Saturday 31st July sees the inaugural Hurdle Hop one-day festival, happening at the West Hill Hall in Brighton, and organised by the good people at Shhh! Promotions, the delightful Simple Folk, and our friend Peter.

Peanut Snake had hoped to be attending this, possibly performing Pine Cone Kick, but unfortunately, the promoters have simply booked too many other great acts (and also Peanut Snake will probably be moving premises on the day in question, blast it!).

Nonetheless, anyone in the locality should get on down there and check it out, really quite an astonishing line-up for just a tenner!

The Hurdle Hoppers kindly asked Peanut Snake to do the poster duties. Above you'll see a poster that I mocked up with my own text (the official one is a bit different, check it oot here.) and below you'll see a 'bumper sticker'/banner (never too early to think about bumper stickers!) and the 'non-cyclops' logo variant we designed for them. Ooh ya!

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