Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free Range

A visitor is entranced by the Pine Cone Kick slide-show at Free Range.

Last week I took part in Free Range at the Old Truman Brewery, for my graduation exhibition. It was a slightly weird experience - a great space, and the exhibition looked fantastic (we had illustration, fine art and photography all in one hall) but the thing seemed to barely hold together organisationally, and no-one seemed to know what should be happening!

I only found out the day before opening whether my painting would be considered sufficiently good to exhibit (fortunately it was), I also prepared a slide show of my audio-book, almost as an afterthought (I'd just been focused on exhibiting the painting), and I slightly regret that as it ended up looking a little half-baked, and with my uni having decided we should have no information labels, I don't think it would have made any sense to anyone!

Nonetheless, I'm glad I took part, and it seems that pretty much everyone except me has had something positive comeback from the show. I don't know - perhaps my promotional googly-eyed fluffball with sticker feet was too much for the London design world??

Below is the painting I did for the show, Sinusoidal Clap. The City & Ghosts film by Nozo Milkyway that I did the soundtrack for was also on show, which was very cool! Good times - just wouldn't want to live through them again!

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