Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's a 24/7 Non-Stop Indoor Beach Party!

Well, not quite. More like 8-1, for one night only. But an indoor beach party nonetheless! This is a fundraiser for my illustration course's London graduation show at Free Range.

Here's the poster:

It was a bit of an experiment that didn't totally get there, heavily influenced by stuff like this. But definitely something I'll be pursuing further.

We're also going to have an affordable art-sale at the beach party, to help raise funds, with original hand-drawn postcards at silly prices.
They'll all have one of these stamps on the address side, think it'll look pretty nice.

The lovely artwork on them is by Nozomi Milkyway, I just nicked a stamp template from online and added the text.

I also bought this squid-shaped lilo that I'm quite excited about inflating tomorrow, yeeargh!

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