Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas but-not-Christmas Cards

A mysterious and generous benefactor has kindly let me use some of their complimentary greetings card printing order. It was a short notice thing, so I whipped up some designs based on posters I did for Braw Gigs and The Gentle Invasion.

I've decided to try to sell 'em, with all proceeds going to Re-Act Refugee Action. I don't have a huge amount, and it's stupidly near Christmas, so I'll be selling them in person this weekend, like a gorilla in the mist - I'll be at Kid Canaveral's Christmas Baubles in Pilrig Church tomorrow night (Saturday 19th), and the all-ages Re-Act Rumpus fundraiser at Leith Dockers Club on Sunday 20th. And, quite possibly, at the Song, By Toad xmas gig at Henry's after that (if I'm still standing).

If I can infiltrate a merch desk/cake table/quoits arena at any of these events I will, otherwise, sorta assuming that anyone that's in Edinburgh and reads this will know what I look like? Come and give me a festive prod. Unless I'm DJing. Which by the way I am, at the Rumpus on the Sunday. Please be warned that as it's an all-ages thing, I'll be playing Fraggle Rock records exclusively - please see Uncle Travelling Matt postcard-shaped 7" photo example below.

Okay. Oh, and if you want some of these and won't see me this weekend, I'm sure we can sort something out... just drop me an email... perhaps they'd make good Easter cards?

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