Sunday, February 22, 2015

Grey Waves ~ Faith/Void

I contributed some one-off hand-drawn sleeves for the limited artist version of a really nice 7" put out by People In A Position To Know. Two killer tunes from Grey Waves (Jesse Hughey and Eric Judy of Modest Mouse)! You can see the mixed results of my doodlings below. All ink on pastel. Do not rub on your face (only joking, I fixed them with some ancient, foul-smelling spray I found in a chest in the attic*).

One or two of these will have gone to other contributing artists, but PIAPTK have three of them for sale here, and the band are also selling through their bandcamp - perhaps they got one too? I dunno, but you could ask them...

Big thanks to Mike at PIAPTK for organising such a great project! I think there was an exhibition of the sleeves in Seattle too - top stuff.

* But perhaps don't rub them on your face anyway, just to be on the safe side.

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