Saturday, June 15, 2013

Trekstock Spanish Ants Tee

Youth cancer charity Trekstock have made a lush t-shirt of my logo design for James Yorkston's Spanish Ants single. I think they made them to sell at the Field Day festival, alongside designs by the likes of Django Django, Animal Collective and Purity Ring, but you can buy one NOW from their site!!!

It was the Scottish Fisheries Museum's annual open day last weekend, so I paged my official photographer, Vicky Brown, and headed over for an impromptu photoshoot. (The amazing life-sized inflatable sea beasties were made by a chap called Andy Peters, you can have a look at his website here.)

The t-shirts come up quite big, size-wise - US sizes, perhaps? I'm wearing the large, which is nicely billowy and voluminous. The colours have come up really great (although I suspect a few new mines may have needed to be sunk to source the rare minerals required to render the lurid colour scheme).

Buy a JY Trekstock t-shirt here, and help young people with cancer whilst looking really really fashionable looking at the same time!!

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  1. I can attest to the beauty of the said garment and to the richness of the colours, with the purplish mauve being more purplish mauve than the purplish mauve stone of St Monans. And yes the larger sizing does suit the more ample build, I did worry when there was no XL.