Saturday, April 20, 2013

Record Store Day 2013

So, it was once again Record Shop Day and, although I was unable to get to any participating shops to snag that MGMT cassingle, or the Roky Erickson 7", I did manage to grab the above haul from my local vinyl purveyor, The Community Kist. I got a Rhythm & Sound comp, Night Eyes by Eyes (!), and Malcolm McLaren's Madame Butterfly on 7" - nice! 

Every day is Record Store Day at the Kist.

The Kist is a newly opened charity shop in Anstruther, Fife, run by Elizabeth Gordon, with assistance from various other volunteers, raising money for a variety of local causes. I recently designed a logo for them, and would heartily recommend you come and have a look at the shop if you're in the area.

Elizabeth, forced to pose with random objects.

It's genuinely an Aladdin's Cave of wonders, with you as likely to find yourself lost in conversation with Elizabeth as amongst the large selection of books, CDs, clothing and much more. Magic lamps, a cyclops, they probably have those somewhere too, although I suppose that was more a Sinbad thing... answers on a postcard delivered by a miniature Dynamation horse. Or a robot owl.

A big batch of donations being processed!

Check out the Community Kist on Facebook here!

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