Monday, April 29, 2013

Inside Here Is There

A.S.N.A. Disco System (tafka Bird Balls, for anyone with a memory that stretchy), the current Peanut Snake house-band, have contributed to an fabulous 24-hour-album project. The album was created by Frances Animal Magic Tricks, mostly yesterday, and a bit of this morning.

Lots of folk recorded little bits within a 24-hour time window, then opened the window and chucked them through to Frances to be mangled and assimilated. The results are compelling. She recommends best listening by manner of headphones.

You'll know you're listening to the A.S.N.A. bit when you hit the sloths, of course. Personally, I'd say don't stop at headphones, perhaps listen to it on headphones and in the bath. And listen to her previous 24-hour-album at the same time.

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