Friday, October 19, 2012


The compilation LP on Black Palace, including Doll Brains' seminal three-minute micro-album 11 REM Smashers! is out now. The LP is on tasty white vinyl and limited to only 200 copies! It also includes new material from Geese, Morgan Fisher, J.Newman, Mahler Haze and Hand of Stabs. Altogether, almost fifty minutes of fun, and the perfect album to relax and listen to in the drawing room with a swift restorative after the guests have gone.

Each physical LP also comes with a mini Doll Brains postcard (eight to collect!), and the download comes with a print-yer-own Brains zine.

Here's an archival pic from the original unreleased version of 11 REM Smashers!, listing the band members and the instruments used on the album.. crazy days.

You can listen to a few tunes and then grab the album at the Black Palace Bandcamp. Official website here! Previous Brains jazz here..

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