Thursday, August 16, 2012

You Dooze, You Lose

There's currently a Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary t-shirt/poster design competition happening on Talenthouse. I'd hoped to enter, but, alas, diazepam had other ideas.

Anyway, the idea of approaching such beloved characters in my own style had really appealed to me, and it's for this same reason that it's so nice to see the personal twists some of the competing artists have put on the Fraggles.

There are tons of entries, and I'm sure I will have missed some good ones, but these are the ones that appealed to my tastes and caught my eye. Click through on the artists' names to vote if you like 'em!

By Laura Paton.
Definitely one of the more imaginative designs, compositionally, and a nice colour-scheme.

By Fabio Sabatini.
Some nicely-now pixelated Fraggles! Great simple-but-effective concept too. A clear fave that would look fantastic on a t-shirt.

By Javier Rosell.
Probably my favourite design. Captures the mystery and dark edge of the show in a beautiful illustration. I would buy this on a t-shirt!

By Pupi Hererra.
Again, a more imaginative and dynamic take on the subject than some of the other entries, distinctively rendered.

By Lukasz Majewski.
This is the sort of thing I had hoped to see, the Fraggles rendered in a refreshingly personal style. A classy Jim Flora feel to this one.

By Jeanne Vocke.
I like this one because it looks like a cool French comic. Something about the colours and the character attitudes!

By Seva Vyvodtsev.
And finally, another clear favourite. R. Crumb does Fraggle Rock?? More of this man's Fraggle madness here!

You can see all of the entries here - only a few days to vote. The winning entry gets made into official 30th Anniversary merch!


  1. Dear Jim Henson and Co, please pay attention to the work portrayed by my friend , Katerina Moskalenko I have carefully read the rules, and drew attention to the fact that her 3 pictures satisfy your rules. she painted Doozers, Sprocket, Travelling Matt and Gorgs. I just do not understand why a lot of voices are gaining to people who do not follow the rules and drew Gobo, Mokey, Red, Wembley and's not fair! Thank you for your attention.) I love all of your works and Fraggle Rock )
    Sincerely your, Nick Vitberg )

    1. Hi Nick,
      This blog has nothing to do with the Jim Henson Co or Talenthouse, so please do not write comments directed at them on here.
      If it helps, I also read the competition rules (maybe more carefully than you!) and they only contained guidelines/suggestions as to which specific characters the image should contain.