Monday, August 6, 2012

Sports Criminals

I put my back out last week, so have been confined to the sofa, getting lots of doodles done, and watching lots of TV, even some of this Olympics stuff. So, here is my tribute to everyone's favourite athletic characters, the sports criminals, with their shady-but-loveable illegal moves and dodgy time-trial-based schemes.*

Before my back went, I was also hard at work building a new much-improved Peanut Snake website, which has reminded me of my vow (from about four years ago) to take over the world with GIFs, so I've uploaded a little test one to the Snake tumblr here. I've started off slowly, but they will get sickeningly, nauseatingly faster.

* Legal disclaimer - any resemblance to any actual athletic persons is entirely unintentional/accidental - seriously, I only really watched the tennis for about thirty minutes, and I don't actually know what any of the other ones look like.

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