Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dolly Riot

Back in 2007, Peanut Snake launched the micro-label Small Punk. Although it would go on to release classics like Larsen Hawkins' Night Baboon EP, the label was initially created solely as a home for Doll Brains, a doll band from New York who had caught the ear of Sweet Lion A&R man Hard Darvill. They recorded an album for Small Punk called 11 R>E>M> Smashers, a frenzied howl of plastic noise that condensed eleven songs into just over three minutes, a micro-album recorded using only toy instruments.

Fate had other plans, however, and the band split acrimoniously just before the release. The album was shelved and, beyond a small handful of promotional copies given away to industry contacts, was never heard by the wider world.

Cut to 2012, and new avant-noisy record label Black Palace has managed to convince the two surviving members of the band (Dr. Potato Spider was tragically killed in a motorbike accident in 2009) to put aside their differences and allow this lost classic to at last see the light of day. The album will now appear as the final minutes of a new multi-artist split LP to be released by Black Palace this summer. The other artists on the LP are Morgan Fisher, Hand Of Stabs, Mahler Haze, Geese, and JNewman (English Bore). Exciting stuff!

Founding member Melectrona came to visit this weekend, so we cleared off the top of the printer and did a quick photoshoot for the new album release, Melectrona wearing an orange balaclava in solidarity with unjustly imprisoned feminist punk band Pussy Riot.

Peanut Snake have also been working on some tiny postcards for this release, a couple of which you can see below!

Check out all kinds of good sounds at the Black Palace website.
And here is Black Palace on Facebook.
And click here for more about the campaign to Free Pussy Riot.

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