Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Start Spreading the Mooz..

Martin off of PowderedCows is once against launching the mighty ship Moozikk into the choppy waters off the side ocean of the internet. The first installment raised a load of money for the Tree Foundation and their work protecting endangered sloths on their island all about sloths. It had this beautiful Jason Lytle song on it..

This time, the album is in aid of The Oceanic Preservation Society, specifically inspired by their documentary about the hunting of dolphins in Japan, The Cove.

Once again, Martin has managed to assemble a conscience-shattering mind-bugle of acts, including international jetset lofi ledge The R. Stevie Moore, inverted musical pantomime Harry Merry, and DIY music's Mr. Nice, The Karl Blau (backed by his current Earth bandmates!). There are also contributions from many of the usual South Coast suspects.. Yaaard, Head Of A Cuban Trojan, Ghost Town, the PowderedCow etc etc.. as well as contributions from lesser spotted locals such as Plinth, The Spectral Mirror, C!!S!!W!!S!! and the Smart Family Band.

But some of my favourite tunes are possibly by acts I don't really know.. really enjoying the contributions of Ronald Raygun and Bobby Gold in particular! For such a track-heavy compilation, this flies by like a breeze.. highly recommended!

You can listen here (and buy from this Saturday onwards).. http://powderedcowsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/moozikk-2

I've contributed a new Hardsparrow track, called Generic Words Of Love. This song is one of the first fruits of a new project that I'm giving the pretentious title Hypergraphia. The composition process starts with me drawing images with blocks in a software step sequencer. Like cats and stuff. So, for this song, I wrote actual generic words of love with blocks to make the electronic sounds, then wrote a song over the top. This is why it might sound a bit mental. I hope that's okay with everyone.

I also added some backing vocals, using my wrestler microphone, and some badly played electric guitar - probably an effect of listening to too much KEEL HER recently. Who, incidentally, has also contributed an awesome track to the comp! ;)

Please go and check out this fantastic album.. there will also be a launch gig at On The Rocks in Bournemouth on March 31st, with PowderedCows, Ghost Town and Head Of A Cuban Trojan bringing the joyful noise. Free CDs of the comp for attendees, and sealife fancy dress massively encouraged!


You can get friendly with Moozikk on Facebook here.

Here's another track from the compilation, by the mysterious Uncle Umbro - a bit like an outtake from an alternative-universe version of Death Of A Ladies' Man, apparently performed by a sock.

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