Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eye O' The Dug

I've designed a logo, and have also been working on a few posters and web bits for a braw new festival that Fence Records are staging in St. Andrews this April - Eye O' The Dug!

The artwork is intended to tie in with the cartographically-inspired artwork for their new Chart Ruse subscription 7" series (David Galletly is designing the sleeves for those, and the first one is a beaut).

The original brief was to produce a logo representing St. Andrews as the dug's eye on a map of Fife, but I've since manhandled the project down a dank tangent of my own making, which basically means that I've gotten to draw some dog-based cyclopean sea monsters. Good times.

You can find all the info about the festival at the Fence site here, or at the official Eye O' The Dug website (currently still in the tweeking stages at the time of writing). All up in the Facebooks here.

More sea beasties still to come!

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