Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beef Scratchings

Photo by hallav

I've contributed a Hardsparrow track to an album called Beef Scratchings, compiled from the home recording efforts of various denizens of the Fence Records forum, the Beef Board. It's an interesting mix of stuff, from folky acoustica to austere electronic beats, though all with a pretty chilled vibe.

My contribution is an early version of a tune called Handwalker, which should eventually turn up in more polished form on the Sea Tractor album.

The CD packaging is really very beautifully designed, and also contains the odd (=very odd) sticker, as well as a random selection of doodles by the likes of myself and Heinz Junkins.

The album is available by donation, with £5 a suggested figure, though anything is acceptable. The proceeds are going to the fund to fix the roof of the Hew Scott Hall in Anstruther, the epicentre of Fence's reknowned Homegame events, and a venue very close to my heart.

Simply send a self-addressed size 0 (or larger) jiffy bag, with well-concealed cash money $$$, to Mr. Crivvens, 13 Emsdorf Road, Lundin Links, Fife, KY8 6HQ.


What’s Your Beef - Dr Love
Northern Light – Cheesecats
Hold me down – Coalface feat. Baerson
Joy – David Neilson
Mutual Irritations – Filthyswan
Shells - Tishytash
Carry The Stones – Cauld Yin
On a Beach – Speill Berg
The Rising Sun - Crivvens
Ushinata Uta – Bhoywonder
Warning: This Is A Demo – Black Dandy And The New Farming Community
Get You Back – Scott Young
Wake Up – Andrew Cleary
Handwalker - Hardsparrow
Never Go Home – Coalface
Constant – Jah
Baerson’s Nature - Baerson Feat. Coalface

Save the Hew Scott Hall video
Save the Hew Scott Hall online petition

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