Monday, March 21, 2011

Digging In Your Draws

Four months since my last post - ouch! In that time period there's been a necessary reality adjustment to the post-student world, and also a change of premises for Peanut Snake (yep, I moved house), but now things are starting to get rolling once more. Hardsparrow projects have been reactivated, and the Peanut Snake website should (finally) be properly finished soon, including pages for all the music and artwork that falls under the Peanut Snake umbrella, plus all sorts of other nonsense - exciting times.

So, this post.. yesterday, I spent two hours drawing a bearded mermaid, only for a terminal eraser event to render the work unusable in the space of three seconds. Can I get an "AAAARRRGHHH!!"? So, I popped the cap on the £3.49 Merlot and did some lazy, no pressure doodling to wind down. Here, then, I give you Crispy Seaweed Duck and DI Dog (Wassee lookin' for?? Now there's a nice comic idea..).

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