Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Garden In The Stars

My mum was going through some of my sister's stuff and found this weird A4 3-page "zine"/leaflet thing, called "World Of Spag", I made many years ago. It would have been done on the photocopier in the Hamleys staff canteen, probably as a matter of urgency.

There's a collage of the original line-up of Brides Of Kong (née Crypt Kicker Five) inside (which dates it to about 2003 or 4), which must be why I made the zine, as an outlet for my being-in-a-new-band-and-having-made-a-collage-of-them excitement.

Anyway, it's from a dodgy photocopy but thought I'd scan in a pic from it and quickly colour it, for the scrutiny of the new age digital cognoscenti.

These characters were from a story called "Garden In The Stars" about the happenings in a garden centre in space, and, as you'll notice, are from my "sparse geometrical lines" phase (also known as the "gas wasp period").

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