Thursday, August 5, 2010

Roam London Video

Just a wee update on the story below. The Guardian were there filming the Fence Picnic on the day, and the resultant film is now up on their site.

You get organiser Robin Turner explaining the ethos behind the Roam bus, plus music from Adem and Player Piano. No mention of Adam's pork pie, sadly, but some great footage of Peanut Snake's debut public reading of the Pine Cone Kick audio-book, followed by some highly complimentary words regarding it. Wow! What can I say? Go and buy The Guardian people, what a fantastic paper.

Out-of-control ego-stoking aside, the film is simply a splendid reminder of what was a very wonderful afternoon. Ooooooh yeah. Big thanks to Roam, Fence and The Guardian!

Watch the video here!

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