Sunday, June 27, 2010

City & Ghosts

The Peanut Snake audio dept. was kept busy earlier this year remixing a remix of the Hardsparrow tune "I Drew Skeletons" for use as a soundtrack to Nozomi Milkyway's fantastic animation City & Ghosts.

Firstly, we thought the original remix was too fast, so we pitched it down and re-edited it. We played it to her. "I like it," she said. "But actually.. it's bit boring".


Now, one hears about these sort of eccentric creative types, their insensitivity, their cruel and fantastical demands, but one is still taken aback when actually meeting one! Nonetheless, our audio dept, not wishing to anger the great master further, somehow retained its composure and went back to reshape the tune to something that would be less boring. The speed was changed again, and mournful chanter, magic keyboard, magnet noises and percussion were added.

This time, luckily, it all fitted and this unpredictable enfant terrible of stop-frame animation was satisfied too (although it did seem at one point like she might throw a table across the room).

It was really great to be asked to help with this exciting project, and I could hardly wait for it to be uploaded so that I could show all of my family, my friend, my street-friends, shop-friends, bus-driver-friends and cash-point-queue-friends.

Thanks Nozomi! ;)

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