Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Pinecone Kick" Premiere on IFM Stream Fest!

It's Saturday. 7.00pm. You're getting ready to go out, but first you reach for the radio dial, to catch up with all the crazy goings-on on The Archers. The same tired old routine.

BUT WAIT. What if there was an alternative?

This Saturday I'll be streaming my book-and-tape "Pinecone Kick" as part of Intergalactic FM's Live-Stream Festival. Tune in between 7 and 7.30pm GMT (8pm CET) to hear me talking in the voice of a squirrel with a beak, narrating his quest to find a lost pinecone, accompanied by all-new (& all-a-bit-weird-and-half-finished?) musical compositions.

Hopefully, if I get it all done in time, you'll be able to see the accompanying images online somewhere too (when you hear this noise - ~***~***~ - turn the page/click the mouse). I'll update this page with full info about that in the next few days, but the images will most likely be at http://www.peanutsnake.com (which currently redirects back to here).

I asked a woman in the new 99p shop in Winton what she thought of this. She said, "It could be a special moment for all of us."

How very true.

Also, it could all go sideways, horrifically.. so another strong argument for tuning in!


For anyone that doesn't catch the live stream, the physical version of the cassette-tape-and-book will be dubbed into existence sometime in the next few weeks. Ooh yeah.

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