Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Link

A speechless gallery visitor.

Okay, so I should have posted this about.. ooh, three months ago? But times have been tough, and things have had to be forgotten along the way. But browsing through some pics on my hard-drive reminded me that this was still well worth writing about.

So - I travelled up to Edinburgh in January, for the final night of The Link Exhibition, organised by Chloe Milne. It was a blind auction, held in the Music Library, with work from some great artists on show. My piece went for more than I'd expected - others naturally went for far more, but I was pretty chuffed, and I'm glad to say it also left a satisfyingly large trail of mentally-shattered and broken-hearted lower bidders (I didn't win anything either, alas).

The buyer came and spoke to me too, which was really nice. Actually, she came and spoke to me again at the bar in Legends at Homegame. I wonder if she thought I would buy her a pint, seeing as she had paid for my painting? But of course, that money went to charity (and I'm only joking).

It was altogether a lovely experience - saw some nice folks, drank some wine, observed the fine artworks, and then enjoyed tunes from Player Piano and Found, all in a library, very rum! Later, I was given a thorough tour of the city centre's potential parking spaces by Gummi Bako, before eventually arriving to witness another Player Piano set in a local drinking establishment (I'll leave it at witness since I somehow couldn't really hear it despite only being about 8 metres from where he was playing).

The next day I enjoyed a top brunch of vegetable lasagne and bread with my wondrous host Big Fez (could have sworn David Lynch was in the cafe too..), before cockily braving the Scott Monument. I didn't need to call the fire brigade, but I'll admit I cried like a baby at the top.

Throw in a very inspiring image-gathering trip to the British Museum (went to see the Revolution On Paper: Mexican Prints exhibit - amazing - and then got a little sidetracked somewhere in the vicinity of Mesopotamia..), and a gig by Brides Of Kong on the way up, and it was a wholly awesome weekend!

Good times - thank you Chloe!

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