Thursday, October 8, 2009

Party Dogs

Back in March, I entered a competition to design a set of stamps for the Finnish Posti, based around a celebratory springtime theme. Well, if there was one thing that I noticed about the Finns, it was that they liked dogs. And drinking. And thus these juhlivat koirat - party dogs - were born.

For reasons that evade enquiry by good sense, logic and decency, it would seem that I didn't win. Unless I did win and the letter just got lost by Royal Mail. But anyway, I'm posting them here now.

It should be admitted that I got the KL (Swedish) and LK (Finnish) slightly the wrong way around, which, were I a Finn, would probably have seen my fragile life carried without ceremony into a darkling wood and there at once extinguished under a firestorm of fast-falling Nordic-walking sticks.

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