Monday, May 18, 2009

No Ghosts

Back In December I exhibited this piece of something or other at the regular Ishihara event in fair Bournemouth town.
Basically, I made negative photocopies of loads of pages from my sketchbooks, and then collaged them together. 
It was actually really interesting (for me at least) to explore these images, many of which are at the very least half-
cooked psychic automatism straight on the plate. I found that I was taking these "meaningless" images, scraped 
from the muddy bathypelagic basin of my mind, and building a new narrative from them, working through some 
stuff that I didn't know was there, a heavy scene! But seriously, I know it looks like a big mess, but it was the most 
satisfying work I have produced in ages. More mess to come then.

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